This site shows examples of plane based augmented reality on supported devices.

Click the start button to begin the scene and to start the AR experience.

The AR icon is visible on mobile devices only.

Note, in AR mode you will only hear a sound if your device is not muted.

Scrolling is possible outside of the content only; use the sidebar if necessary.

Supported iOS 12+ devices (iPhone 7 and newer or iPad 5 and newer) via AR Quick Look and supported Android devices with ARCore 1.9 support on Android 8+. You can find a list of supported devices here

Firefox and the Samsung browser support the AR function to a limited extent. Please use the AR mode with Chrome for Android and the standard browser Safari for iOS.

Apple’s Quicklook is pre-installed; with Android you may have to install Google’s Play Services for AR first. 

AR model carousel Preview

This preview shows how the AR model carousel on Android look like.​ On iOS it is different: you have to tap to see the next model. But this is my solution to show multi models without using two methods.

The style can be adjusted. It depends on the size of the 3D models how many you can insert into the carousel to ensure that everything loads properly.


  • Simple Model
  • Animated & sound

Simple example with Apple Pay button in AR mode

Info: At the moment it is possible with Apple’s Quicklook to add an Apple Pay button, an action like adding to chart/wishlist, begin a chat etc. or show custom text/graphics in a banner. The Link-option is possible on Android only. Unfortunately the no-resize option cannot be combined with it.

Example with sound and the option to resize the model.

This Web XR model needs interaction (pressing the start button) to hear a sound in AR mode on Android.

Vertical (iOS only)

At the moment only Apple's Quicklook supports this but vertical plane detection is on the agenda for the next releases for Android.

Three different mirrors - tap the object in AR mode to switch.