This site shows examples of marker based augmented reality on the web.

Click the link button  or scan the QR Code to enter the AR experience. Then scan the associated marker to see the model. 

Note, in AR mode you will only hear a sound if your device is not muted.

Simple marker: possible on both – mobile device & desktop. Image marker: possible on mobile devices only (Android, iOS11 and Windows mobile)

Make sure you have installed the latest browser version. Unfortunately this AR mode does not work properly in the Samsung browser; prefer to use Chrome.

One simple marker - one object

Multi simple markers - different objects

Image marker - with object

Scan this image in AR mode

Image marker - with Video

Video abspielen

Scan this image in AR mode


Note: Geomarker is possible too

This Image marker example is visible on iOS only

Click on the top right to start the AR scene.

Scan this image in AR mode