This site shows examples of face tracking augmented reality on supported devices (iOS only).

At the moment I’m able to implement a stable version on iOS only. There a two options possible. 

By cklicking the Download version on iOS you entry the AR mode; on Android and Web you’ll download the model.

By cklicking the Showcase version on iOS you entry AR mode too; on Android you can watch the 3D version only.

Click this   or this   to entry AR mode. + I added a customized version.

Supported devices

Supported iOS 12+ devices (iPhone 7 and newer or iPad 5 and newer) via AR Quick Look and supported Android devices with ARCore 1.9 support on Android 8+. You can find a list of supported devices here

Firefox and the Samsung browser support the AR function to a limited extent. Please use the AR mode with Chrome for Android and the standard browser Safari for iOS.

Note, in AR mode you will only hear a sound if your device is not muted.

Download Version

Two different Scenes